Sawdust Dryer
Sawdust Dryer

Good drying effect, short drying time

Sawdust Dryer

Sawdust Dryer mainly has two types, one is rotary sawdust dryer, one is airflow sawdust dryer. Rotary Sawdust Dryer mainly consists of hot air furnace, rotary drum, cyclone dust separator, air duct tube, chimney, induced draft fan, etc.

Technical Data

Processing Capacity:2.5-50TPH</p


Flexibility in the fuels used

Customized for every application

Designed for high temperature drying applications

Custom lifter configuration to optimize material drying

Stable drying process, low energy consumption, low cost.

Sawdust Dryer



Soil Remediation


Industrial Minerals

Many Other Drying Applications

10T/H Sawdust Dryer in Australia

Capacity: 10T/H

Raw material: Sawdust

Model: Φ2.4×18m

Customer's feedback:With a friendly technical discussion with our engineers, we are very confident with its products, and we went to the production site of another customer after returning to Australia, which persuaded me to choose FTM after seeing the site.

10T/H Sawdust Dryer in Australia

Technical Data

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